Shivi Development Society

An NGO in Special Consultative Status with United Nations ECOSOC


Over the past few years, health has become an important programmatic area of intervention. Although, health has been an important activity since the time when SDS was set up, the activities remain limited to organising health camps at regular intervals at the community level as well as in schools with a focus on adolescent girls. In the past three years, the women groups, including the WHRD that we are working with, have underlined the need for a renewed emphasis on need for health awareness and services. Keeping in view this push from the partners at community level, SDS is consolidating and expanding its interventions in health sector. In the state of Chhattisgarh, there is lack of awareness and accessibility to health services. The goal of the SDS team is to create awareness on government funds for institutional deliveries, immunization, mental health issues and services - first among the women leaders by training women leaders from the identified communities to understand, evaluate and take steps to find access to such health care and second by extending support to such women leaders to further create awareness among the rest of their community members on the said issues. The women leaders also plan to engage with men and boys of the village specifically to spread awareness and sensitize the male members of the community towards violence against women and its related health aspects and the need to understand measures for prevention as well as protection and response to such cases. The other part of the work is facilitation and accompaniment of the women human rights defenders to continually engage with the community and district authorities to strengthen public health approach towards prevention and response of violence against women.