Shivi Development Society

An NGO in Special Consultative Status with United Nations ECOSOC

Core Strategies:

Community Engagement and Outreach Intervention: SDS undertakes engagement with communities either directly or through its partner organizations to understand the existing realities within the communities and identify the gaps. Targeted interventions and Community Outreach are then undertaken to support the development of the communities in an inclusive and holistic manner.

Capacity Building: SDS undertakes capacity building initiatives within communities to enhance the community's ability to access their rights, efficiently organize themselves, leadership trainings, and trainings for community empowerment in order to support community based development. This approach further extends to promotion of initiatives,directly or through its partners, to enable self-help groups that empower and build resilient communities and create opportunities for access to sustainable means of livelihoods.

Policy Research and Advocacy: SDS undertakes academic and policy oriented research on important issues directly related to its thematic focus, keeping in mind the vision and mission of the organization. In addition, SDS based on the findings of its thematic and issue based research, carries out extensive advocacy on the said issues to a variety of target audiences including specifically a focus on the community itself. In addition, advocacy initiatives will also be routed through SDS partner/sister organization, IPAC. SDS also promotes the education within the communities on the relevant issues in order to equip the communities to make more informed decisions. Over the years, SDS has brought out a number of publications, concept notes on women in security sector, training manuals etc.

Coalition Building and Networking: In order to effectively support community mobilization and empowerment in order to create just and egalitarian societies, working through a coalition of likeminded civil society organization as well as initiating a dialogue on policy change would also be relevant. Thus, SDS also engages extensively with coalitions and other likeminded CSO's in order to create a network of supporters to facilitate policy dialogues and policy change. Networking with Parliamentarians to initiate effective policy change is also a core strategy at SDS.