Shivi Development Society

An NGO in Special Consultative Status with United Nations ECOSOC

About Us

SDS grew out of a strong belief that while voluntary and independent social actions is very important for dealing with a large mass of problems, the very functioning of the democracy in a civil society is based on minimizing the gap between the aspirations of the people and public policies. It requires a consistent and transparent interaction between the state and people through different democratic instruments and mediums. Civil Society Organizations have a critical role in facilitating this interaction, and perhaps partnership. SDS was formed in 1995 to facilitate and strengthen the community action in social development, in particular the children's issues and livelihood concerns, later on incorporating the gender dimensions in its work

Gradually, SDS initiated research work to better inform its own actions as well as to make a case for policy work and engagement with public sector. A logical corollary of community action and issue based research was policy work, which involves a variety of actors, and civil society organizations have an important role to play. Therefore, SDS also strives to support the policy work through lobby and advocacy strategies, of the grassroots voluntary organizations by engaging in capacity building in lobbying, providing them a platform for voicing their issues, and facilitate the achievement of their lobby objectives through sustained support.

SDS has crossed a number of milestones during its journey towards achieving human development and supporting actions to claim human dignity. SDS now engages with communities thematically on the issues of women's empowerment, youth mobilization and child development. SDS works through direct community interventions, training and self-help initiatives, capacity-building and providing support / coordinating with partner organization in providing effective support to the various thematically focused projects.