Shivi Development Society

An NGO in Special Consultative Status with United Nations ECOSOC

WHRD Training

WHRD training was organized by Shivi Development Society 3rd, 4th & 5th August 2018 at XISA (Xavier Institute of Social Action) , Raipur. The workshop was inaugurated by Varsha Mishra (SP CG Police), Vidhya rajput (member of third gender community), Ms. Richa Amit Jogi (Politics). Later, the respective sessions were taken by few resource persons (a) Mrs. Durga Jha [centre head of Mahasamud Sakhi Centre], The main agenda of her session was discussion about ONE STOP CENTRE (b) Fr. Sebastian Lakra, In his session he explains about sustainable development and how we can utilize our natural resources without their exploitation. (C) Miss. Varnita Sinduriya, her session focused on the Major challenges faced by women human rights defenders. (d) Mrs. Rajni Soren, she spoke about Access to justice in detail. (e) Mr. Anil Pushdkar, his main aim was to discuss about access to media. Lastly, the closing ceremony was commenced by Sukhnandan Rathore, Miline Khurre (SP Railway), Urmila Sengupta (Oxfam).